Types of SMA connectors

NameInsulatorMaximum bandwidth, GHzIs comply withDescription
Precision 1mmAir, gap 1mm110only with 1mmMuch smaller than other
Precision 1,85mmAir, gap 1,85mm702,4mmThe outer thread size of the 1.85 and 2.4 connectors is bigger than SMA, 3.5, and 2.92. This makes the area of the outer conductor mating surface look very large compared to the relatively small air dielectric.
Precision 2,4mmAir, gap 2,4mm501,85mmmanufactured at Keysight
Precision 2,92mm (also named “K”)Air, gap 2,92mm403,5mm and SMA(regular) 
Precision 3,5mmAir, gap 3,5mmmm342,92mm and SMA(regular) 
SMA(regular)PTFE(Teflon)242,92mm and 3,5mmTeflon dielectric, also in reverse polarity version named as RP-SMA

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Downloading webside content in C language

To download something from webside in C language, you can use curl library.
In linux you can install via:

Then write a program

To use this code you must compile

And then run

When you have problem like “segmentation fault” you need use “sudo” before command.