Electromagnetic field meter

Electromagnetic field meter part 1

This project can show how strong is electromagnetic field in your place. In Polish norms and documents I saw that the maximum power from GSM Base Telecomunication Stations  is 2 Watts EIRP. In first part of article I will show you fundamentals about this electronics project.

In Polish law we have a specification: 7V/m is the maximum of the intensity of the electromagnetic field for 800MHz to 2,2GHz.

sources electromagnetic field
Sources of electromagnetic field

In the shops we can find many types of meters, but they are so very expensive.

Electromagnetic field meters
Electromagnetic field meters

I decided to design simple devices to measure 800 MHz to 2,2 GHz with bluetooth, display and li-ion supply and cheap antennas . So in first step I created a simple prototype modules

To be continued 🙂


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