Precyzyjny regulowany zasilacz stabilizowany LT3080

Precision analog regulated power supply LT3080

Precision regulated stabilized power supply has been constructed from modern integrated stabilizers. This device have fast impulse response, it is suitable for testing digital circuits. It will also facilitate work in the construction of low power systems, where precision and low noise levels are particularly important.

The presented system is a small power supply stabilized with smoothly regulated voltage in the range of 0 – 10V and a current limitation in the range of 0 – 1A. Nothing stands in the way of slightly modifying the system to operate in wider current-voltage ranges – just replace the stabilizers for their “stronger” versions. It is worth paying attention to the simplicity of the system caused by the use of modern components. To reduce the impulse response time of the regulated voltage, an artificial output load was added. The included anti-interference filter in the device’s power path will prevent the penetration of interference from the 230V power grid – refrigerators, ovens and cheap LED bulbs switching on. The device can be easily expanded into larger voltage and current ranges. Detailed descriptions and diagrams are presented in the Polish magazine Elektronika Praktyczna February 2018.

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