Programs for electronics

In engineer’s work or hobbyst we must use  computers and tools. We need dedicated  programs to simulate, design or do equations for projects. In this article I will describe some electronics programs. This article is good for beginners.


  • Libre Office Calc – something like excel but free, for equation
  • SciLab – charts, equation or macros, can count integral derivative etc.
  • KiCad – design PCB and schematics, also can show 3d model
  • LTSpice – simulation circuit AC/DC/transient
  • Saturn PCB Toolkit – small program/calculator for vias, mm to mils converter, max current for track, impedance line
  • Viewmate – gerber file viewer.

Not free

  • Mentor Graphics – the biggest program to simulate, design, signal integrity PCB , schematic and component library
  • Altium Designer – small mentor 😀 program to design
  • PSpice – in students version free, simulate program
  • National Instruments Multisim – program for simulation( have a virtual osciloscope or vector analyzer run in real time in schematic)
  • National Instruments LabVIEW -graphical programming to connect and programming transmission with USB, RS232, GPIB or PXI electronics instruments
  • Older design programms Eagle, Protel
  • Excel for equation macros charts etc
  • CST – simulation antenas microstrips RF components

miniprograms for connect some devices:
putty – terminal rs232, usb, telnet, ssh

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