Wireless sensor environment parameters – part 2

What I will change in new release of this sensor? Click “more” to see details.

Today I added schematic:

schematic environment sensor
Schematic environment sensor

For my side I want change in new release:

  • display – LED display want too much power – I think about e-paper to save power
  • sensor – this is ok, but we need more parameters in real life
  • bluetooth – I think the best option is BLE – 4.1 or greater to save power and go “sleep”
  • power management of battery or photovoltaic cell
  • measure circuit for battery

In magazine I did some mistake. So the sensor have a 300 to 1100 hPa  pressure range. In display circuit must add resistor to limit current to the segments so this is stupid mistake from my side…

If you think about sensor please do not did this mistakes 😀



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